Tuesday, December 14, 2010

KOC What To Use a Divine Inspiration On?

By far, the best what to use your first Divine Inspiration is on the Alchemy Lab. The reason is that this allows you to upgrade many abilities which would otherwise be unattainable. High end players almost assuredly have level 10 fletching as well, which can make a big difference in battles.

The following research abilities can be researched with simply the level 10 alchemy lab:
  • Giant's Strength
  • Fletching
  • Healing Potions
  • Magical Mapping
  • Featherweight Powder
  • Poisoned Edge
  • Eagle Eyes

What are other good uses for a Divine Inspiration once you have a level 10 Alchemy Lab?

KOC Barbarian Camps Guide for No Losses

I have found this to be a conservative Barbarian Camps Guide. So this is ideal for people who definitely don't want losses to a camp, or they have relatively low research levels for their timed played.

Barbarian camps are by far the best way to gain food and sustain a highend KOC army. Not only that, but they provide an excellent source of wood.

It takes 1 hour for a Barbarian Camp to reset and regenerate full resources.

Barbarian Camps Guide:

Level 1 Barbarian Camp:
You attack with: 500 Supply Troops and 450 Archers
Barbarians have: 500 Supply Troops and 500 Militiamen

Level 2 Barbarian Camp:
1,020 Supply Troops and 1,200 Archers OR
1,000 Supply Troop & 1,100 Militiamen & 1,200 Pikeman
Barbarians have:1,000 Supply Troops, 1,000 Militiamen, 500 Scouts, and 500 Pikemen

Level 3 Barbarian Camp:
1410 Supply Troops and 3,000 Archers
Barbarians have: 2,000 Supply Troops, 2,000 Militia, 1,000 Scouts, 1,000 Pikemen, and 500 Swordsmen

Level 4 Barbarian Camp:
600 Supply Troops and 7500 Archers OR
1,000 Supply Troop & 1,000 Militiamen & 2,000 scout & 2,500 Pikeman
2500 Swordsmen & 2500 Archers
Barbarians have: 5,000 Supply Troops, 5,000 Militia, 2,000 Scouts, 2,000 Pikemen, 1,000 Swordsmen, 500 Archers

Level 5 Barbarian Camp:
16,000 Archers
Barbarians have: 10,000 Supply Troops, 10,000 Militia, 5,000 Scouts, 5,000 Pikemen, 2,000 Swordsmen, 1,000 Archers, 500 Cavalry

Level 6 Barbarian Camp:
33,000 Archers
Barbarians have: 15k Supply Troops, 15k Militia, 10,000 Scouts, 10,000 Pikemen, 5,000 Swordsmen, 2,000 Archers, 1,000 Cavalry

Level 7 Barbarian Camp:
47,000 Archers
Barbarians have: 30k Supply Troops, 30k Militia, 15k Scouts, 15k Pikemen, 10,000 Swordsmen, 5,000 Archers, 2,000 Cavalry, 500 Heavy Cavalry

Level 8 Barbarian Camp:
125k Archers with Attack & Defense Boosted 20%
Barbarians have: 60k Supply Troops, 60k Militia, 30k Scouts, 30k Pikemen, 15k Swordsmen,10,000 Archers, 5,000 Cavalry, 1,000 Heavy Cavalry

Level 9 Barbarian Camp:
45k Archers and 45k Ballista
Barbarians have: 120k Supply Troops, 120k Militia, 60k Scouts, 60k Pikemen, 30k Swordsmen, 15k Archers, 10,000 Cavalry, 2,000 Heavy Cavalry

Level 10 Barbarian Camp:
125k Catapults (minimal losses)
Barbarians have: 250k Supply Troops, 250k Militia, 120k Scouts, 120k Pikemen, 60k Swordsmen, 30k Archers, 15k Cavalry, 4,000 Heavy Cavalry

KOC Advanced Barb Guide

This guide is for players who have been playing Kingdoms of Camelot for at least a little bit of time and have decent upgrades to their research. That does not mean all level 10, but mostly level 8-10 research levels. This guide is also for 0 losses on your attacks.

Minimum Archers to Kill Barbarian Camps

  1. Level 1 - 000 Archers
  2. Level 2 - 000 Archers
  3. Level 3 - 000 Archers
  4. Level 4 - 000 Archers
  5. Level 5 - 15,000 Archers
  6. Level 6 - 27,000 Archers

Least Heavy Cavalry to Kill Barbarian Camps

  1. Level 1 - 1,000 HC
  2. Level 2 - 1,900
  3. Level 3 - 4,000
  4. Level 4 - >5,000
  5. Level 5
  6. Level 6

If you have better numbers please share them with us!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

KOC Defense Guide in Easy 4 Steps

KOC Defense Step 1

Cities get attacked, primarily, because the owner made it easy for an attacker to steal resources.

You can minimize this by raising the level of your storehouse. Food, wood, stone and ore that are protected in a storehouse can not be stolen by an attacker. Each level of storehouse protects 100k of each of these resources. Shrinking Powder research (performed in the alchemy lab) helps here too.

A storehouse protects resources in a particular city. So, all storehouses in all cities should be upgraded to protect as many of your resources as possible.

KOC Defense Step 2

Quick response to an attack involves identification and reinforcement.

Your leaders cannot identify attacks quickly if the barb and wild attack reports are cluttering up the reports. It is your responsibility, and the gang's benefit, to delete these regularly.

If you're under attack, other players can reinforce your city. The number of reinforcing armies that your city can handle is determined by your embassy. The higher your embassy level (for each city), the better.

If you're online and are under attack it serves little useful purpose to jump into alliance chat and shout "I'M BEING ATTACKED". Give details - which city is being attacked, who is attacking, and any attacking troop details (type and number). Help us to help you.

KOC Defense Step 3

As a follow-on to the previous step:
Your Watchtower level and Eagle Eyes research level determine the amount of detail you can see. The higher these are, the more detail you get of attacking forces and when you're scouting.

For Reinforcers:
Your Rally Point determines how many armies (and the maximum size of each army) that you can deploy from a city. Your Relief Station determines the city-to-city speed of deployed troops. Obviously, reinforcement is best done "big and fast." It's not good to use up an allied embassy slot with a small reinforcement army. When you do reinforce an allied city, it's polite to send food with the reinforcements.

KOC Defense Step 4

Another way to prevent your city from being farmed is to continue to make your city really unattractive to potential attackers.

How? Make the attacker know he's going to lose troops (and therefore might) by building wall and field defenses. With a high storehouse and embassy level, and lots of sharp and dangerous things protecting your city an experienced attacker is much more likely to stay away. An inexperienced attacker will just be another smear on your city wall, and you'll keep your resources.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

KOC Alliance Help

Some helpful tips when joining an alliance in Kingdoms of Camelot - KOC

1. It is a good idea remember to regularly erase your reports so the gang leaders can see when alliance members get attacked. Many alliances make regular clearing of reports mandatory.

If you go to the alliance tab and click on reports you will see that you can see your entire alliance's marching reports (wild, barb, scout, etc.) This is also where the alliance leaders see if you have been attacked or scouted while you are offline.

2. Please be in chat whenever you are online, even if only for a few members, it lets others know you are active and care about the team. Also review the chat and click on the helps (they look like Click here to reduce the build time.). It really does help a lot!

On the other side of the coin, when someone clicks your help request you need to refresh the page for the alliance assistance to "show up" in the timer. This appears to be a bug.

It is highly recommended that you join Alliance Chat by default.
To automatically join Alliance Chat go to:

  1. Chat Settings
  2. Default Chat Tab

There is no "save" feature, you just close it.

3. If you have any questions at all please ask one of the officers or list the question in chat for someone to answer. Alliances are here to help each other!

Lastly players that accept resources from other alliance players and then leave to join other alliances are looked down upon. Typically, this results in them being farmed (killed repeatedly). Resource skippers are a nuisance to almost everyone. :(

Kingdoms of Camelot Beginner Tips

What resources should you hoard?

When you're starting off, the most important resources appear to be wood and ore. For these reasons, conquer wilderness (wilds) that are either forests for gaining wood or hills for a bonus to ore. Likewise, you will likely find that food (farms) are the least important, and easiest to come by when starting. Later, you will have to repeatedly hit barbarian camps to acquire enough food to support your army.

KOC Tax Strategy:

Set your tax rate to 5-10% and remember to tax every 2 hours, which is how long it takes to regain to lost happiness. You are able to levy a tax every 15 minutes. Furthermore, the traveling faire gives all your cities a happiness bonus. This is great to use at an opportune time to do two tax collections very rapidly.

KOC "Dailies"

Gold (tax)
Hit barbs

KOC Knight Guide & Help

* Kingdoms of Camelot knight loyalty does not appear to be implemented yet as of 12/14/2010.

As soon as you can, appoint a knight to each of the 4 roles for each city.

Who to Train with Kay, Train with Galahad, Train with Arthur

It seems that the best knight role to use early experience crests on (such as Training with Kay or Training with Arthur) is the knight steward. The description of the steward is: "This Knight will use their Resourcefulness to improve your Resource production."

Another great option to plan further down the road is the Marshall Knight who uses the Combat skill. The reasoning for this is because he helps train troops faster and can be used to lead your army in critical attacks. A high combat knight can be the difference in high end player battles.

KOC Knight Experience

Knights gain experience according to the Knights' Hall of the town they are in. This means that if you have idle knights you probably want to sit them in your highest level knights' hall because then they will make more experience (while doing nothing).

Once you log in each day, it's a great idea to assign skill for each of your knights before you begin building.

When you start a building or unit-training, the attributes of all your upgrades and knight's skill will be the factors determining how long the project will be or successful the attack. In other words, if you have 1000 archers in the queue to be trained, and then you upgrade something to hasten the training, it will not help the units already queued.